Travel New Zealand by Electric Motorhome

Motor-homes are the best way to see New Zealand.  Stop where you want, for sale when you want it’s super convenient.  If you are travelling from overseas you will need a travel adapter to fit the New Zealand power plug which is the same as Australia.  Your motor-home need all the equipment for you to live sleep and eat.  Fridge and appliances such as microwave, toaster and kettle are essential.  As well as a power outlet for laptops, camera chargers, phone chargers etc.  This is all driver by your power inverter and deep cycle batteries which forms the heart of your motor-vehicles power system.  You can also add a solar panel to the roof to help keep the batteries chargers when you are parked for a long time.  Hopefully your vehicle already comes with this equipment, if not you can head to a electrical wholesaler to get the necessary equipment fitted

fish view from the window of the motorhome

All made possible by marine electrics


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